New topic, new microphones

As you can see I’ve decided to slightly rename the blog’s topic. This allows me to throw other random sounds at you while my outside mics are bored and couldn’t capture any interesting sounds in the cold breeze. Expect radio sounds, musical creations maybe, and of course more microphone content made with various recording devices over the last decades.

Speaking of microphones: the capsules, wind screens and mount brackets at my window have been replaced. After almost two years in the wilderness the norwegian Luhd Mics became quite dirty and rusty. Now I’m running a pair of Clippy EM272 by FEL Communications. The sound is almost identical, I think they use the same Prime capsules.

In other news: As keybase decided to kill their service my original files folder is gone for now. Perhaps I’ll create a public Dropbox folder, in the meantime feel free to ask for any file you would like to have in original quality.

Thats all for today, more content coming soon!

5 responses to “New topic, new microphones”

  1. As written in the blog post I’m using a stereo pair of FEL Clippy EM272 mounted under a plate at my window sill. The cables are pinched between frame and window, leading into my room where a Raspberry Pi picks up the signal. For stereo input I’ve installed a quite cheap USB sound card (Axagon ADA-17). The signal transfers to an Icecast server using Darkice, and a streamripper instance makes hourly archive recordings. As you can see the whole thing is rather primitive, but it works very well for my needs.

  2. The mics actually are not water proof, but most electret capsules don’t take permanent damage when they are wet. They might sound a little different than usual, but this doesn’t last for long. You can either put them on the heater or let the sun do the job. Dynamic microphones also work for such recording setups, probably you have to protect them a little stronger against weather influences.

  3. you can still have a k:\public\entername drive still with explorer integration. But also, how do I set up an outside mic, and is it water proof? I want some it souns like a fun hobby to record this.

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