A drop too much

Recorded in the morning of march 26th, 2023. This file has been requested. The author takes no responsibility for the following post, and any possible health injuries after listening to it. You have been warned. Further comments are not needed, the audio should be quite self-explanatory. 😁

Just a technical note: The file has been processed for listening purposes, a clean recording is still available.

6 responses to “A drop too much”

  1. and off they go. pleas mind the sick puddle mister budweiser left behind, and if you find 2 corpses and a phone on the ground, just know that one died of alcohol poisoning, and the other died of laughter.

  2. The conversation is less important, but has its own funny story. Both guys are talking about the party they apparently have visited before. Later in the recording, while the one is barfing, his buddy tries to record a video of the situation. The victim of course is not that amused.

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